Wood screws for Every Home Improvement Project

many Times, when people work in small or big projects around the house, they tend to just make due with materials and supplies that were around the house. Wood screws are often one of the items that are simply used as available. While many different screws will work for various projects taking the time to have the right fasteners on hand really does make a difference.

Wood screws are different than metal screws or other types of special screws. They have a little thicker wire, and they come to a definitive end to allow the screw to self-start into wood. The discussion about the screw literally bites into the wood, holding the screw is much tighter than a smooth nail. In addition, these types of screws generally are designed with a flat head that allows the screw to be placed on the surface of the wood, leaving a smooth surface. Fillister head screws have a dome shape and will stand out a bit from the wall or the surface of the wood. These are widely used in the areas where the screws will not be visible. Screws Oval head is the least common, and they are only slightly raised or convex through the head not as noticeable as a full round head. These screws can be used to make a finished looking fastening on furniture or other objects. In general, all types of screws are available with a slotted or Phillips head, as well as, with the choice of a personal preference. Specialized types of screws can also have different slot types perfect for a wide variety of carpentry and construction projects.

Wood screws come in a variety of lengths, depending on your needs. Typically, the longer the screw the heavier and larger objects that are connected or held in place. Smaller screws are used for smaller objects or in wood that is too brittle or hard disk. Drill holes in these types of wood surfaces before starting the screw is recommended and this greatly reduces the risk of fragmentation and breakdown of the screw is inserted.

Depending on the size and type of screw can be made of several different materials. Carbon steel is the most common metal for wood screws and this steel is generally coated with zinc to give a nice, shiny, rust resistant surface. These screws are resistant to corrosion and are good for both indoor and outdoor use. Brass screws are also popular and can be left in the natural brass color or they can be coated with another material or color. Brass screws are very resistant to corrosion and degradation over time, which makes them a good choice for outdoor construction needs.

Stainless steel fasteners sometimes known as 18-8 stainless steel is a good option for all kinds of uses. These are the screws most often used in building boats or any type of construction in which the surface is exposed to water, snow or ice. They are very resistant against oxidation and corrosion and they are very hard and not prone to breaking or twisting even when used in very hard wood. Hardened steel and 305 stainless steel are also excellent options for all weather types of construction. Silicon Bronze screws are also extremely strong and durable and can be used in all types of installations, including marine remodeling and building.

Wood screws can also be coated or finished to match specific colors and designs. Different colors, including green, black, brown, beige and blue are available as are yellow zinc finish screws. Check out the variety of different screws for different projects is a good idea, before you start, so you can really add to your projects, choosing the right hardware.


Sandy Winslow is a writer on many topics, including construction and renovation. There are literally hundreds of different types of wood screws available to give you everything you need in fasteners for your next do-it-yourself project.


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