What is Your Roofing Warranty Worth?

When it comes to roofing warranties, there is a big difference between a limited manufacturer material warranty and guarantees materials and workmanship. The coverage looks like cover design, material and workmanship must be done by the manufacturer to be of any value. Because of the costs involved, roofing product manufacturers do not let any old roofing company that offers these much more comprehensive warranties.

Labor and material warranties are important due to that it is a financial protection that they provide. Pay for materials is one thing, but it is another thing to pay for the cost of removing the old, correct any damage that may have been done, and replacing the shingles or membrane materials with new ones.

what this means is that if the membrane or shingles fail during the life of the warranty, you will covered not only for the cost of the membrane or shingles, but also for the cost of tear off and replacement. Limited material warranties – even the manufacturers guarantees of this type – will cover the materials, but not the work to remove and replace them.

A roof is said to be “no” when he is not doing the job it is intended to do, or will start to deteriorate due to defective materials or poor installation. The ceiling error can be caused by external factors, such as wind and hail, but is usually the result of a bad installation.

How they are treated before and during an installation has an effect on the serviceability of asphalt shingles. If they are not stored according to the manufacturer’s specifications may not adhere properly or lie down. Improper nailing or flashing can also cause a roof made of asphalt failure.

Tell tale signs of a bad roofing job are thermal splitting, cracking, blisters or spots on the tile. Shingles can also curl or cup if they are not handled or installed correctly. The condition called “fishmouthing” is not the same that you put or curling as a result of normal aging. Fishmouthing is usually caused by poor attic ventilation leads to moisture build up under the tiles.

Roofing company that is authorized to offer the manufacturer’s labor and material warranties have demonstrated a proven track record of installing the manufacturer’s roofing product in accordance with the highest standards of installation. For example, GAF – the largest manufacturer of roofing in north America – has three different Master Elite Excellence Awards that can be awarded to roofing companies: Consumer protection, Training and Installation, and only the best companies from the ceiling in order to get these names.

This is because most roofs fail because of poor or improper installation. The use of a company that is accredited by the manufacturer to offer their labor and material warranty gives the consumer the comfort of knowing that only expert installers are working on your project. In addition, a manufacturer representative will inspect the installation at the same time, as it happens, to make sure that the roof is properly positioned. Only when the plant receives 100% compliance score from the manufacturer will be accepted. Any installation deficiencies must be fixed until the manufacturer certifies it as a perfectly installed roof.


Nick Messe is president of Lead Frog LLC. Northern virginia Roofing has made NW DC residential roofing and commercial roofing projects in the DC metro area for over 40 years! Northern virginia Roofing is the only 6 time national winner of the DC metropolitan area. We can offer a 20 year labor warranty held by the manufacturer – http://www.nvroofs.com


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