Tools Needed For DIY automotive repair

Owning your own car is a proud American tradition that has become a rite of passage for men and women. Of course, maintaining and repairing your own car is another important part of the same rite of passage and many even find deep satisfaction, as well as the savings fund, learning to do your own maintenance and repairs.

Some are intimidated by working on a car, but the truth is most maintenance can be quickly and easily performed with a relatively basic set of tools and a little determination. The tools on this list will allow you to perform 90% of tasks associated with do-it-yourself auto maintenance and repair services:

Socket set

A good socket set will save you countless hours of struggle and frustration. You don’t have to break the bank, but make sure you get a standard set for your American car and a value for your foreign car.

Box wrench set

in the Box of keys is the only one who has a closed and an open end. They are incredibly useful for screws that can’t easily be reached with a socket.

Screwdriver set

You will need screwdrivers to remove all kinds of parts, for example, a fan for cooling the system, mud flap, or door panel. Make sure you get a set with both slotted and Philip’s head variations.

oil filter wrench

It is easy to overlook, but changing your own oil is one of the best ways to save money, maintenance your car, and do this without an oil filter wrench is ridiculously difficult.

Jack and jackstands

When you’re under 2 tons of steel changing the oil with a hydraulic jack to raise it and four solid jack stands holding it securely in place makes all the difference.

Mini crowbar and mini sledge

You will be surprised how often you need a crowbar to leverage a pulley while you change a belt, or the frequency with which the plank will help you to drop a rusty bolt.

torque wrench

There are screws on your car that need to be tightened to a certain torque. A torque wrench, which, when configured properly, literally breaks away the right torque. In addition, you will look cool with it.

wire brush, utility knife, and pressure gauge

These are small maintenance, such as cleaning of the battery terminals, cutting hoses, and checking tire pressure regularly.


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