Three Tips For Installing New Interior Doors – Home Remodeling

This article is not about how to install existing doors which will replace, is about the installation of a new door in a wall that doesn’t have, but still. I put together a little list of the three things that most people do not your selfers, or self-educate construction professionals, may need to know about installing new interior doors.

1. Number one, the biggest problem for people who are the installation of new interior doors, will be to avoid all electricity, plumbing or heating pipes that may run through the wall where you want to place your new door.

Now, as you know, whether or not there would be anything in your way. There is a good chance that you do not, you will need to do some exploratory research and that will require the removal of at least one wall of drywall or plaster.

2. Plan the location of the door completely, make sure that the door does not open and crash into something or have another wall to prevent its use. Just measure the door and if the door is 3 metres wide, measured from the swinging side of the door jam, in a circular pattern, to make sure everything is out of the way.

3. This will not be as common in older homes, as they will be in newer homes. Make sure that the wall that you cut is not structural or load-bearing wall. If the wall has plywood or wafer board nailed on one or both sides, you can miss out on the strength of the wall, if you cut your new door. You should contact a building professional before proceeding.

These are some of the most important things to take into consideration when you are about to install a new door in an existing wall. There are lots of other things to take into account, and you can probably find some of them in all the home repair books. Good luck and I hope that the installation of your new port-of-entry runs smoothly.


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