Stucco Vs vinyl is a Great Home Improvement Decision

as far as eternal soul searching is concerned, this may not be something high on your list of perplexing riddles in need of solution. On the other hand, if you are a recent home buyer who would like to spruce up your new purchase, may very well be the source of many of your conversations as of late. The questioned asked is very good. What material should I use envelope to my house? After throwing out the more ridiculous or to put more subtly – unorthodox-of options, which are usually left with stucco or vinyl siding to work. There are very good reasons to choose one of these options, it all depends on your specific situation. It can be good to keep in mind the following things to consider before you decide. What kind of neighborhood am I?

You can find every house within a mile of yours employs either stucco or siding, always to the exclusion of the other. This is an interesting choice, in line with the rest of the neighborhood, or to stick out a bit. If you decide on stucco, it may give your home an air of sophistication that the other houses lack. The opposite can also be true. If your neighborhood is mainly of stucco, you may find that adding vinyl can make your house look like the runt of the division. This may be the only issue which is crucial in many cases. How much will it cost?

this area is usually the siding of the vinyl that wins. Installation costs are lower, material costs are less and the repairs are easier. The ability to replace a single piece of vinyl with another piece of the same vinyl that can help to put you at ease when a stray baseball hits your home. Stucco jobs can be difficult to repair if they are poorly made. Cracks and discoloration may appear, ruining the look of your gorgeous home. What type of maintenance?

again, it is the vinyl that wins in this category. But not very significant of a victory in any sense of the word, however, it is important to stress. Stucco fades and can be painted on a regular basis. Vinyl need only be washed a little bit regularly – a hose will do – to keep the new look. Which is better?

it was, perhaps, quoted earlier, stucco usually looks nicer, more refined, you can say the same thing. It is, ultimately, in the eyes of the beholder, but the general trend is for bigger and better situated homes to have stucco while more modest homes have to do with vinyl. This is not to say that the quality of the vinyl is not perfectly legitimate option, only that the perception is that the plaster is the most beautiful, most expensive, option. That it will eventually be the best choice for you may depend on a single or perhaps several of the factors already mentioned.


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