Rubber Roof Tiles

Some of the materials we use for roofing is similar today to those used in ancient times. Man has used materials like wood and clay for shingles or tiles for almost as long as the houses built. It is a new material that is gaining in popularity and should be considered for those of you who are new home or replacing the roof. Rubber roofing shingles have only been sold since 1993 but have many advantages compared with more traditional individual.

Rubber tiles are mainly made of recycled tires. Tires or other recycled materials are ground into a powder that can be shaped, colored and patterned into a single. Options for appearance and color are vast and can fit any style of home. The plates can be found which simulate wood, slate and ceramics. The malleability of the material often makes it more realistic impression of these materials can be found in metal, plastic or tiles. The removal of the rubber tiles are also environmentally friendly as they are completely recyclable.

Rubber tiles are usually very inexpensive, often a fraction of the traditional. They are very durable and often come with manufacturers guarantees to last between 30 and 50 years. Such tiles are also extremely low maintenance because they are resistant to mold, insects, ultraviolet radiation and extreme eat or cold. They are flexible and can expand and contract, causing them to drop. In these cases, they are very easy to replace or repair. Most of these parts is given a fire classification of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Rubber is a flammable material and additional coating or fireproofing can be added when it is installed.

the Installation of these tiles that resemble wood or slabs of asphalt. The unique flexibility of the rubber gives rise to the formation of a gravel-to-fit corners or other areas that very easily with a simple pocket knife. They are manufactured in a standard 3 tab design like asphalt. There are very few disadvantages to these shingles. The most typical is about the scent that exists when newly installed on a house. This smell will disappear in time and is not usually a problem after the first few weeks.

If the shingles themselves are generally less expensive than other materials you may find that you will spend a little more on some peripheral devices. Because of the long life expectancy of a rubber roof you will want to buy materials of the highest quality like for flashing and bituminous membranes to pair with it.

Rubber roof shingles are new and some roofers have not worked with them. They can try to charge a higher price, than to install a roof of asphalt. Find a roofer that specializes in these installations is a way around this problem.

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