Roofing – Leaks and Mold

As a mold that can be included in a home and cause damage in case of leakage of the roof is left unrepaired and how to find a roofer on Angie’s List for help.

A leaking roof can do a lot of internal damage including creating a breeding ground for mold. Mold can make a home uninhabitable, make you sick and help create structural damage to the house, which is expensive to undo.

Mold can be toxic to breathe and many people exposed to it during a long period of time can develop upper respiratory problems that it is difficult to even stay in the house more. Because the mould is not easy to find, you may not even know why you are sick, or that you have been exposed. The biggest problem with mold is that it is not always convenient to grow where you can see it. Many times mold is hidden away where it can pass unnoticed, which is fed by a leak in the roof, providing a water source. And when the form is established, it can help in the development of dry rot is formed.

If you suspect that you have mold check the attic for signs of dry rot, water damage and of course mold itself. You will need to have a contractor look at the damage and replace insulation and possible damaged or infected wood. In all likely hood the mold got its start from a leak in the roof, so you will need a qualified roofing contractor inspect the roof for damage and leaks. If the roof is not too damaged that it needs to be replaced, will probably need to have a patch job to fix the leaks. In order to ensure that the work is well done and you will not have any future leaks and returning mold problems you must find the best carpenter you can. This can be as difficult or easy as you make it. With access to the internet is available to almost everyone, there is no reason not to use it for a good purpose in the pursuit of a carpenter. With the help of a consumer based web site like Angie’s List it is easy to pull up the best roofers in your area that are recommended by previous or current customers. With real customer reviews and not just the advertising that you will find on other sites, you can begin to eliminate the best from the rest and have a starting point to begin to receive bids from.

Choose at least three, preferably five, the highest score of the contractors, and schedule appointments to get them to inspect the roof and give you a written bid for repairs. After you have selected the best bid from your preferences you should rest easy knowing that you have hired a contractor that has a good reputation, cares about the quality of his workmanship and is recommended by the community.

The hardest part to get rid of mold is to find it; the most difficult part about fixing your roof shouldn’t be to find a contractor.

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