Pvc Plastic Flooring Into The Home Improvement On The Market, The Industry Giant Hegemony

the Famous Home Building Brand Experience Center in the center of Bohai Grand Opening of building materials to the Mona Lisa, Faenza, Border Fine ceramics as the representatives of the Southern building material in the centre of Tianjin Bay in the Bohai sea hinterland, menacing, massive, direct to thousands of square meters of shop major vendors. Building integrated museum and the completed home will be diversified, the whole of the house of culture in a more intuitive display of all-round perspective, replacing the previous system with the Marketing Model, with hundreds and even thousands of square meters and gradually the idea Museum, museum and dozens of square meters to replace the original small booth, Tianjin, home building materials market in turn set off the wave. This week, journalists will introduce you to a new Home improvement Materials?? Plastic floor, feel the world “floor” in order to get a new home improvement ideas. Sheet the Floor of flourish, especially plastic floor, export volume increased year by year, but can the well-known brand is rare on the ground, while the sharp contrast in the domestic production of PVC flooring with best-selling products and foreign brands play a fundamental role. Hanguang Ren said the World standard decoration company is making the first floor of the plastic is the only. Families in the South Decoration , use of plastic flooring has become a trend, but it also reflects consumers seeking health, environmental protection, quality of life, for the decoration requirements. In the north, the plastic ground floor also belongs to the family Decorative Materials the new faces, Han Guangren told reporters, the creation of the museum experience can make more conscious consumers of these New material Not only visual, but also can experience and feel that this is a good way to promote o.

Choose the experience of a museum based on the “Bohai” more eyes on the market in Bohai Bay area of influence. When the subject of the concern surrounding several porcelain old Brick Brand Experience Center will be the “World Standard” produces a shock, Han Guangren confidently told reporters that although the plastic floor is new, but because of its good quality and high performance have been widely demanded in the external market. When consumers have the opportunity to Tianjin to learn about the many benefits of this new material should be re-recognized by consumers.

“I believe that in the near future, the domestic PVC floor will gradually replace foreign brands, a fixture, the first choice of home improvement projects.” Hanguang Ren said firmly.

For the home improvement market, plastic floor

Integrated home building materials as the Bohai sea museum and the only one brand of plastic floor, the world marked the emergence of the floor museum and attracted many people’s eyes. It is not known generally to the family of composite flooring, solid wood flooring, but is widely used in hospitals, schools, cinemas, theatres, parks and other public places of PVC plastic flooring. Design tool that was used for the floor, this year chose to establish the house-museum and the Bohai sea, Tianjin World Standard Decorative building materials Co., Ltd. Manager He Guangren expressed the hope that, through this form, in order to let more consumers know to the new material. According to Han Guangren

introduced, PVC plastic flooring can be made into imitation marble, wood imitation, imitation carpets and other materials, the effect is almost indistinguishable, rich colors provide sufficient imagination to the designer. Sufficient wear resistance to ensure its long life, high resistance for a given load will not be damaged, good water resistance and corrosion resistance, have been used in many places, soft and stretchy full sense of the word is comfort. More importantly, PVC plastic flooring excellent environmental protection can significantly reduce household air pollution caused by renovation. It is because of these advantages, more and more of their products to the family started, especially in a children’s room choices.

The PVC industry will enter a “giant” hegemony of the times of the China PVC market

greater transparency, particularly when it comes to foreign investment and joint ventures to join the market competition will be further intensified, PVC industry will face a re-shuffle. To intensify structural adjustment, to achieve intensive management is PVC trend in the development of industrial production through large-scale integration, production and consumption in the low age of 30 years, small, old or eliminated production enterprises , or by mergers and acquisitions. Hanguang Ren said that after 2010, through mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, PVC industry will have 1 million tons / year “aircraft carrier” class manufacturers come out, China PVC industry will enter a “giant” hegemony of the time.


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