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Poynor Roofing has been fixing a lot of homes in the Phoenix area for some time now. The type of repair that tends to be more common lately is the storm damage incurred from the October storm. The insurance is paying to replace many roofs in the Phoenix area due to the massive storm that swept across the region last year.
Doesn’t seem to be all sorts of different types of damage arising from the huge storm last year, in the state of Arizona. There are many types of homes in Arizona and in a diversity of roofs. There are roofs in the area, which is damaged and the other is in perfect shape.
One of the most important factors to determine if the house can have the potential for damage caused by the storms in the Phoenix area is the storm path. If it was the hail, which was about an area of the city, it is very possible that the house incurred some type of damage. Another important thing to decide if a home is a candidate for storm damage is the size of hail that struck the district.
It is really difficult to know what exactly the size of the hail was in a certain town to buy just by looking at the historical data of the storm, but it gives a good estimate on the approximation of the hail size.
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Another important factor for a home that possibly were damaged by the latest storm is the type of the roof of the house. Some styles of materials are very durable, such as ceramic tiles, and the more likely it is that it has the smallest damage.
Poynor Roof was a single house in order to get more visible damage in the Phoenix Area. There are several types of shingles used in the valley, but in general, 3-tab, architectural, and tiles are the most common to be damaged.
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