Poynor Roofing Dog Climbs Ladders, On The Roof, The Roof On

Poynor Roofing has been in the News over the last year. Some people do it in the local press, and even fewer in the national news. Not to mention, Which can be good or bad to do this on the national news. Well Poynor Roofing has happened to make the News, but not really any person in particular.

The actual culprit on the news actually was a dog. And the reason why is even stranger than most can imagine. The roofing dog has grown accustomed to the following the owner wherever he goes. It is common for the pots to love their owners and follow them around, but this dog braves heights few dogs have scaled.

There are many animals that have had to learn how to do different kind of tricks to impress the onlookers. Many pets have learned to roll over or shake paws on command, but this dog actually goes maybe a bit longer than the usual tricks. In fact, this may not have originated as a trick, the ability possibly grew only out of the dogs fondness of his dear master.

There are not many dogs in this industry that has the ability to climb stairs. This makes Bubba a unique individual.

the Poynor Roofing dog actually seems to have learned to climb ladders while the workers are busily repair and replacing shingles. The dog, called Bubba, seems to have even learn a way to communicate with employees in a language that few can mistake. “The roof, the Roof,” are words that seem to effortlessly roll off of Bubba’s tongue, as thought he was born for this job.

No one knows exactly what the official title of Bubba but he seems to be happy to just be in the workplace. There have been times that Bubba has been knows to bark orders at his fellow cohorts, but none seem to care. The neighbor dogs seems to get a little upset at times and tend to bark back, but none have yet to follow Bubba up the ladder.

in all seriousness, the ability to climb ladders is not unique, only for Bubba. This dog seemed to learn the trick by following his master, in the place of work. If a person was to Google or look on Youtube for dogs climbing ladders there are many videos. But I would venture to say Bubba is the only one that has made National news climbing ladders.

It was a premiere on the local news station in Phoenix and someone at CNN seemed to like the story and again in the national news. The last time I saw the Video had been shared on Facebook 500 times, making Bubba one of the most famous dogs on the planet, with a weird not easily duplicated trick.

I know that people have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars trying to train their dog for different tricks and learning different commands, but I know that no one has made the National news. In fact, I know very few people, if anyone personally that has made the National news.

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