Home Improvement – Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Probably the most important piece of advice anyone will give it to you when you are looking to sell your home to “remodel your kitchen”. Just the words “remodel your kitchen” are scary. You immediately envision dollar signs, $ $ $ $ $ $ $ . Kitchen cabinets play a large role in the remodeling of your kitchen. But, in most cases, you really don’t need to replace the entire cabinet. You can simply reface your kitchen cabinet doors.

Refacing kitchen cabinet doors, what does it mean? This simply means that if your existing kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, kitchen cabinet doors can easily be removed and replaced with new doors. Immediately, some of these dollar signs floating around in his mind, must disappear. Refacing your kitchen cabinets, and eliminates the sometimes ugly process to damage your walls, flooring, plumbing or electrical systems which are usually associated with the replacement of the entire kitchen cabinet. Your kitchen will always be fully functional. There is hardly any uncertainty at all what is associated with refacing your kitchen cabinets.

The most stressful aspect of refacing your cabinets is likely to be to try and choose just one of the many varieties of doors available today. The plethora of colors and patterns, may be excessive, but select the one that you have. The rest of the process is quite simple. You simply remove the hardware securing the existing doors to your cabinets. The kitchen cabinet frames are then painted with the same color as your new refacing doors. New cabinet hinges should be used to attach your new kitchen cabinet doors. Now the only thing left is to choose your favorite door knobs and bingo, your kitchen cabinet refacing is done.

you Decide to reface your cabinet doors have saved time, frustration and most of all a lot of money. By the way, recycling your old doors to an organization that helps the poor could also entitle you to a charitable tax exemption.


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