Exterior home Remodeling Ideas, Use roofing shingles to Make a Statement

Your roof can do much more than keep the rain out. Normally, when it is time to replace the roof, we tend to think of durability and price. And if the roof is already leaking, speed is first on our minds.

I would recommend that you consider a different view. There are times when they look at the ceiling can make a significant impact on the value of your home.

What is the Style and Design of Your Roof?

There are many roof designs and style variations. From hip roof styles, to gable, gambrel, shed, flat and everything else, you’ll see just about anything. Your particular roof style plays a big role in the appearance of your home.

of Course, some styles and designs are more impactful than others. When a roof design is dramatic and visible, that’s when it really can repay to choose your shingles with design and color of everything in your mind. Especially when your house is located in a strange place. Curb appeal can have a significant impact on how your home’s value and appeal.

You Need to Change the Structure of Your Roof?

there are times when It simply does not make sense to use expensive and visually attractive tile roof. A flat roof that can’t be seen, is a clear example. But, two or three-story home with a small places that make the roof nearly invisible is another. Your money is better spent on quality and durability rather than visual appeal.

but If you are really looking to make a statement with your roof, you should consider rebuilding in the rafters to make the roof more visible? My answer is: probably not. With one exception, however.

Add to the Living room With a Roof Design Remodel

it Is expensive to remodel your roofing structure. If you really want to add to the visual appeal by creating a more dramatic roof, I recommend that you increase the living space and the volume of your home at the same time.

Add to the living space: Most of the time, the extra surfaces which will automatically add value to your home. An expensive roof structure remodel makes more sense when you add quality living space (not just storage space.)
Added to the Volume:, even if not as valuable as adding to the living space, added volume can really open up a cramped feeling in a home. The Extra volume means you’re adding interior space without necessarily adding square feet.
to Make Your Choice Based on the long-Term Benefits

During times when values are stagnant or falling, it is worth thinking in the long term. Quick decisions may not be the best.

Take these suggestions to heart, when he comes to replace the roof and the tiles in the ceiling. There are some really beautiful choices these days. Your roofing choices should not be based solely on durability and price. Consider the outer look and feel good.

Do your research, you may be surprised by what you find.


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