DIY laundry room Design

the laundry, probably, is not a place you love to go. But, you can make it more user friendly for the user. By doing this, you can keep it organized, useful, and maybe even a part of the house you are really anxious to go.

If you ask most people what they do not like about their laundry room, they will say that it is a very tight, cluttered, or does not have enough space. But, the truth is that most laundry rooms have a great location and is very rarely used. Realizing the potential for usable space in the laundry room can give you even more storage space than you thought you had before.

the wall behind the washing machine and dryer, which typically has about sixty four square feet of space available. But, with just a shelf above the washing machine and dryer, which is usually only using about eight feet of space. It is no wonder that we all felt like we don’t have the space to put anything!

Use this space to its full potential. Pull down from the shelf and start from the beginning. You can choose to build a platform with a rubber coating to go underneath the washing machine and dryer. In this way, reduces the washing machine and dryer noise and also gives you a space below for storage of linen out of season clothes, everything will fall into place. In addition, if you have a front-loader washing machine and dryer, raising them up puts them in a more ergonomic height, saving you from back pain.

so, consider a place of work. One thing to think about is a countertop for folding. This may be just a small space on the side of the washing machine and dryer, or a long counter along one side of the room, if you have the space. In the background is a good area to hide the dirty clothes baskets, and baskets.

You can choose to place a cabinet under the bench for your heavy detergent boxes or bottles. A slip of the garbage is also a handy thing to put in a base cabinet. You can even choose to put two trash cans inside cupboards, one with a self-closing lid for dryer sheets and lint and the other for recyclable materials, such as soap powder and fabric softener bottles.

Deep cabinets are useful in a laundry room. Install them higher up than you normally would, and place a hanging bar below them. Designate certain hangers, like metal hangers, for drying of delicate parts.

You can also install small buckets or shelves with bins on the wall in the laundry room. Designate a bucket or bin for each family member and one for the money. You are faced with things in the wash, that should not be there, you can simply toss them into a bucket for later.


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