DIY garden shed ? Yes, You Can

Many people have so many things in their homes that do not have anywhere to put everything, this is the place where a building can get in. An owner can build their own garden shed by purchasing a kit or by creating a shed on their own. In every situation the extra space is an accessory for all owners.

Many owners who like to build things themselves, in a satisfactory manner is a matter of course. Here is a short description of how to build a do-it-yourself (DIY) Garden:

materials needed

You will need nails, plywood, treated lumber, band joist, galvanized, nails, hammer, protection goggles, gloves, helper, braces etc


A basic design for a DIY garden shed is about 9×13 ‘ and it can be set on concrete or wood. For this description, I will use wood for the floor. Share out the space in the ground where the four corners of the shed will be about 4 cm or more and fill these spaces with crushed rock as a base. Take 2×6’ treated lumber for the outer edges and place the band joints on top of the wood and nail together. Secure the pieces with 16d galvanized nails.

the layout to the interior of the floor will be up and running with the first beam, which is about 15.25 “and each rule will be about 16″ apart at each interval from that point. Then install 0.75” plywood for the rest of the floor sees to it that all the edges are in a straight line.

the Walls

Now, the walls can be put into practice. First place studs in the center of the block and the 15.25″ from one end of the floor. Then put triple studs on the ends of the floor to put on the walls. Select the door and build the door header from a 2×6 ‘together with 0.5″ plywood. Protect the walls with a brace. Then put in the window headers with a 2×4 “and a 0.5” plywood.

the Ceiling


Tag the way to the highest point on the roof since the middle of the plywood and install the exterior walls and roof trusses. Do this for each side of the roof and screw the upper part of the structure. When all this is done, it is time for the details and place the protective tile and carpets to the ceiling.


This type of project can be very daunting, but the best way to fit a DIY garden shed is to buy a kit and follow the instructions to the letter. It is also a good idea if you have someone who is good with construction to help you.

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