B & Q Home Improvement Other Volumes Of “live” Leaves No Regret For Home Improvement

Even if a lot of a lot of money on flowers, to spend the time and effort, but many owners of Decoration, After leaving a lot of work still lamented shortcomings! Ill-considered in detail the project, the purchase of materials to be bad company of the building materials are of poor quality, jerry-built the team encountered confusion … … decoration endless Home improvement Blog can not help screenwriters: How to make assembly easy to get without leaving any regrets?

Just bought a new house of Miss Yang also expressed the desire of a large number of new renovation, “Cut to do all my savings with the support of the parents, just to go with the down payment bought a house. I have high hopes for your renovation. However, because of the decoration did not understand, but the company has a mixed bag of renewal, so slow that I dare not start the decoration of the new house. It is clear that, as a beginner, I need to buy a House Magazine, also online search a bit of information, but the magazines are expensive, hundreds of dollars each time, but it is more Creative, the Introduction of a single product, often I would have only the idea, but still do not know where to start, online information has hard true lack of professionalism and authority, which really made me worried. “

Buy B & Q Galleries, wife. the chance to see a “live”, can not help but frown stretch, read also appear on the face, while smiling, she ecstatically: “Good,” live “handbook for home improvement, Professional planning, rich in content and practical, for the decoration of the different sectors in the provision of professional guidance, I now have the confidence to start my new home, a renovation is planned. “

Recently launched by B & Q is “live” in the home improvement List is the first planned by professionals for Decoration on a quarterly basis. Set this new favorite of the fashion and home furnishings, in practice, style, simple, fresh, rich in content, in order to get the home improvement needs of the consumers with a plethora of options to choose from, professional advice, and to help the general public to the basics of effective accumulation of home sweet home, home improvement can be described as a family should read the Collection. “Live” – not to record the number of the original allocation of 60 million euros, as all the stores in the whole country, B & Q are available, free of charge. Because a limited number of “live” a debut that was sought for the consumer rush!

B & Q is “live”, not the book consists of seven modules, namely, fashion forward, home appraisal, house Feng Shui , material selection guide, characteristics of Management , Special services and home improvement financing. “Fashion-forward” Interpretation of the latest home trend, trend information will be in the foreground on your side and will help you to easily and accurately grasp the pulse of fashion in the house to make your home improvement never out! “Home Appreciation” shows the well-known designer of the image processing software and focus on the real, if the description-the text in order to provide consumers with a more visual reference. “Home Feng Shui” the combination of Chinese characteristics, the geomancy of Chinese and modern interior, in combination, to achieve a harmonious throughout the house. “Guidance for the selection of the” in the spirit of “security, health, energy conservation” principle, to provide consumers with Raiders wide selection of home improvement professionals to the specific needs of consumers, B & Q-home-improvement-expert, “Mr. homes” to provide you with professional advice, and recommended that the B & Q selling green home improvement products. “Characteristics of management”, “Special Services” and “home improvement financing” for consumers of B & Q construction management professional, local home improvement services and new ways to finance the home improvements with the provision, integrated to the client’s needs straight. The first “live happy” attached to the Bai’mr anyu other books also, especially in the “Five. A” period of young consumers for the first time home buyers and improve the type of home improvement customers with the most customized packages of activities. Close to the middle of May, consumers can also enjoy 38,800 yuan to 58,800 of the economic program, can be said to value benefits, not to be missed!

Want easy place to live the dream? Decor become no longer want to make it harder? “Live” will give you the best answer will be difficult to interpret this decoration was simple, clear and easy to understand. You also have the heart? It has everything, not the speed of the free access to the B & Q store this Collection, decoration, make your home the improvement was not more difficult!


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