A pound of prevention in the fall in the house improvement projects

“One of the traps homeowners fall, especially the younger ones, is to try to do everything at once and do not prioritize the projects,” said Jeremy Vest, owner of DirectBuy of DuPage County, the leading home improvement and home furnishings club with direct insider prices. “Part two of this is that less experienced do-it-yourselfers may not know how to go about prioritizing. It is, therefore, to have a professional help is a good idea.”

Vest recommends hiring a home inspector in the fall to get a professional assessment. Although this may seem a little strange if you are not buying or selling your home, hire a home inspector is a way to discover the potential of the big problems in the beginning, for example, a leaky roof, for example, before the weather turns, and you have a very serious problem on your hands.

“A typical home inspection can cost anywhere from $ 250 to $ 400, but if it is the difference between this and the replacement of an entire section of the ceiling or water damage in your home, it is a bit of a no-brainer,” said West.

in Other cases, preventive measures Vest recommend is:

the Furnace inspection and maintenance – The first sub-freezing day is no time to discover that you have a problem with your oven.

Chimney maintenance Again, the first day that you want to have a fire is not the time you want to find a problem. Hire a chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is clear of bird nests, or other debris and that the cap is in place.

inspection Window – make sure your windows are caulked and the seals between windows are nice and tight. If you do not have the opportunity to fix a leaking window, it may be time to replace it.

Clear your gutters – Autumn leaves and pine needles can create a backup of water in the gutters. That can lead to potential water damage in your home, with time to get under the icy sidewalks that make it treacherous for you and your guests.

DirectBuy Club offers home furnishings and merchandise in addition to articles for home improvement projects to help all homeowners create their dream home— a direct insider prices. DirectBuy also employs product specialists and designers, so if you need any help in the selection of products, or to have a home improvement project, you have professionals at your service.

“I know this goes against spending money on a home improvement project when there is an immediate need,” said Vest. “By making these recommendations a part of your routine to fall, you can definitely prevent major problems in the future.”

About the DirectBuy Club

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped hundreds of thousands of families enjoy a better quality of life, makes it possible for them to buy directly from more than 700 manufacturers or their authorized suppliers. Buying direct makes members ‘ hard-earned money go much further, while the selection and choice not available in any store. Access to confidential prices, local suppliers, and unparalleled selection helps make members ‘ dream projects a reality. The DirectBuy Clubs serving the greater Chicago area are part of more than 150 locations throughout north America.

Consumers interested in becoming members may obtain a visitor’s pass to attend an Open House by visiting http://www.directbuy.com.

the location of the DirectBuy clubs serving the greater Chicago area are: DirectBuy of Chicago North, 6325 North Avondale Ste. 110, Chicago, IL; DirectBuy of DuPage County, 1864 High Grove Lane Ste. 124, Naperville, IL; DirectBuy of Northern Illinois, 3900 Washington Street, Gurnee, IL; and DirectBuy of Tinley Park, 18400 S. 76th Avenue Ste. B, Tinley Park, IL.

To learn more about the great value and benefits of a DirectBuy membership, visit www.directbuycares.com.

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