What is Solar power roof Tiles

Solar shingles are exactly what you appear to be thin, unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing, solar energy panels. These collectors are for those who are interested in saving energy, but who do not want to reduce your home’s visual impression.

Sometimes the solar roof tiles are called solar roof tiles. They are dark and blue-purple in color, and often mixed in with generic tiles or shingles. They can be mixed with traditional roofing materials such as slate, asphalt and metals. They also take about four times the space of an ordinary stone. The only difference from a normal shingles are solar energy tiles are covered with a thin film of photovoltaic material that generates enough energy to power appliances.

You will need more than a tile, because a single solar tiles will only collect about 50 to about 200 watts of energy – that is only enough to power a small reading lamp.

Traditional solar panels must be fastened to the ceiling with several bands, and must be sufficiently angled. Some people have the same stand-alone solar panels in their backyards or garden. Solar shingles are thin and attached directly on the roof of a house.

It is important to ensure that there is enough sun for the whole day in the part of the ceiling that you want to convert. You can check locally to find out exactly how much sun reaches the place in your home, as well as watts. On average, a home uses about 25 kWh of energy. Make sure that at least this amount in force of the sun’s rays will hit the roof.

The branches of a tree can be a problem, and they need to be deleted from the solar tiles. Other debris such as leaves, dirt, dirt and pollution can also cause problems. Snow must be regularly removed.

At the same time, it is necessary to have a consistent sunlight to produce electricity with solar energy plates, sometimes in bad weather, or other variables that may affect data collection. This is acceptable because most solar roofing tiles and panels store energy in batteries or other collection of devices. While the majority of the storage devices in one or two days of energy, there are some that are designed to save a season or more worth of energy.

If the energy generated from the solar tiles is collected or not is depending on what type of solar inverter that has chosen to work with the tiles. Grid-tie inverters will allow you to transfer energy back to the dealer to make a profit, but it also means that when the tool is turned off, is turned off in your home. Other types of inverters allow the solar energy plates to be disconnected from the network, which means that if the utility power is off, your solar tiles will still supply your home with energy.

Most solar shingles warranties average 25 years, though many last 40-80 years, with minimal maintenance.


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