Vancouver-ceiling – bathroom fans

One of the best features that you can add to your home is to add a bathroom fan in the ceiling of your bathroom. One of the worst aspects of Vancouver house is a bathroom fan that has no exit, and blowing moisture on the wind. Climb up in the attic should give you an idea of how the situation looks in your home. What you should see is a coiled tube that goes from the fan to an outlet on the ceiling or just under the eaves sticking out of the side of your house.

Bathroom is to distribute the highest content of moisture in the house, under the kitchen. When the bathroom fan sucks the moisture out of the house and into the attic some really big problem starts the house as a whole. In the short-term problem is the change of the temperature in Vancouver house, with the house getting colder in winter and warmer in summer. This is a cost of extra energy use, you do not need to.

The other problem is that the wind retains moisture and in a warm, dark and wet place of mold and rot occurs, it spreads like a disease and is dangerous to your health and all others living in the home. This can also be a problem if your roof is not ventilated to building code or your home is designed in a way that makes ventilation difficult, and in some cases impossible.

Trapped moisture in the attic due to lack of working bathroom fan reducing the life of your roof dramatically, making a nice connected and working bathroom fan will save the life of your roof. The extreme heat during the summer increases the temperature in the attic, and with the high humidity of the tiles, literally, to cook. In the winter, ice forms in the wind, and with major changes between the seasons, the roof never lasts for the life of your warranty,


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