Top 7 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

If what you have in your home is an old fireplace, you may have considered doing some remodeling ventures. You can choose to do a fireplace remodel that requires changing the fireplace in its entirety, or if there are other economical and simple ways to complete a fireplace remodel project. There are many options for you to choose from, each one of them will turn your home into a more attractive and amiable living space. A fireplace is a superb addition to every home, and at the same time adds a lot of value for your home. Many people over the years have opted to add up fireplaces to their current homes, principally with the rising costs of heating. It is a common fact that having a fireplace can reduce heating costs in the home for more than half a year. The more you will use the fireplace, the more you will save, so the pace of adding a fireplace or renovating your old one will pay for it in the long term.

Brick or Stone Fireplace

If you are thinking of having a brick fireplace renovation, you may add a tile over it to give your fireplace a stylish look. The remodel will only take a short period of time and make your fireplace seemed to be remodeled without spending much on it.

Resurfacing Your Fireplace

A stone or brick fireplace remodel project may involve something like resurfacing the entire fireplace. This is a bit more expensive than the above options, and it will take more time for the project to implement. If you do not have any knowledge about renovation your fireplace, it may be relevant to hire a specialist to do this project for you.

Gas Cooker

If you want to upgrade your entire fireplace, you can opt for a technically advanced gas burning fireplaces. If you want an environment with a fireplace, you can go for this type.

Marble, Granite, limestone Fireplace

Your brick fireplace can also be replaced with marble, granite or other kinds and colors of brick fire-proof. Limestone or soapstone, can also be used as a fireplace cobblestone for an exceptional fireplace. What are the limits of your stove design is only your imagination.

Paint Your Fireplace

If you don’t like the tiles, you can simply paint over the brick or stone surface in front of the fireplace. Alternative color options are virtually endless. Even if you use gas for your fireplace, there are some areas that can be painted, if you want to do it.

Stenciled Fireplace

If you only want to update the look of your current fireplace, you may stencil the brick after painting it to add an elegant look and cute design to that brick. You can make your own design if you want to create a unique look.

Make Your Fireplace as Safe as Possible.

If you want to remodel for safety or efficiency reasons, there are many things that you should look for throughout your remodeling task. First, you should make sure that the shock absorber is properly ventilated. In the event of default, your home can be full of smoke, and gas. This is dangerous. Check out all of the parts of the shock absorber if it is working correctly. If the parts are full of rust or is completely broken, you should change these parts immediately. If you have a fan you need to check this also. The fan should make the least noise, otherwise it can result in a risk of fire in your home if a problem with the fan is not detected.

Fireplaces may seem like a purely decorative or can be functional to heat the whole house. Adding a fireplace to a bedroom or kitchen can be very elegant and desirable to potential buyers. Excavation and renovation of an unattractive fireplace can dramatically change the look of a room. Whatever the remodeling ideas you have for your fireplace to ensure that such a project is more attractive for your family and potential buyers.


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