Timber Homes, Diy Construction

Wooden houses are among the oldest types of housing in most parts of the world. Even during the ancient times, man had already seen the flexibility of the wood to be created into shelters. Wooden houses to last centuries, if properly maintained. The natural beauty that makes it very easy to model without further architectural innovations. And the fact that the wood has a very low conductivity creates its natural ability to battle against the heat.

Unlike building a concrete home that normally involves bulky and complicated labor, building a wooden house is quick and easy. While in concrete house construction, there is an inevitable long period of healing, a wooden house can be finished in just a few days. There are prefabricated wood parts that can be put together on site, leaving less mess in the area.
@Because of the simple method involved in the construction of wooden houses, all the work can be done without much manpower. There are also do-it-yourself methods to construct the home, in just a few weeks, compared with concrete house that takes months or years to be completed. The only requirements are that the plan of the house, carpentry tools, pre-made wooden tap is driven by a professional, insulating panels and home fixtures.

With the help of these materials, the wood, the house will stand in no time. The only thing we need is to learn the parts and put them together to hard. Good with a wooden house is that the entire structure is of concrete, and the production has gone through a series of quality control measures. There is no greater need for metals like in constructing a concrete home that requires many steel bars, except for metal plates used as joints in wooden DIY home construction.

However, wood houses have various weaknesses. While wood is a combustible material, DIY houses made of wood can easily be turned into ash during the fire. This is the reason why great caution with the use of combustible materials shall be applied when they live in a wooden house.

In addition, the wood can be easily infested by insects and can weaken when wet. Painting the wood with pest-resistant chemicals naturally added to most commercial wood paints will prevent infestation. It is extremely necessary to paint all the wood parts of the house after the DIY home construction to protect the wood from wear because of water penetration. This will keep the life in the house for more than a century. the

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