The promotion of PC Repair

Promoting a local neighborhood computer repair business can be a challenge when a company is in its start-up phases. This is the period in which the company has to build a customer base and spread the knowledge about the business. When a start-up company that is limited to a small marketing fund, simple, but still effective and direct marketing tool is cheap printing of small printed materials as flyers and brochures. Below are some effective print materials that can be used for the marketing of a local computer repair business.

• Brochures – Brochures are useful, but a complete means of obtaining information about the products or services of any service or shop. In the case of a home computer repair business, detailed information about the service given to the customers to identify the service that they need. Brochures also allow the use of graphics and photo images to supplement the information. Brochures are good and easy to pass around a residential area and office buildings.

• Flyers – Flyers are even handier and faster to distribute than brochures. Flyers can serve as effective announcers of the business ‘ soft or grand opening. The Flyers can double as discount cards or they can contain coupons which customers are entitled to certain privileges or marked down prices for certain services. Flyers can also serve as a special gift coupons that allows free PC accessories to the first 100 customers. Cheap printing services offered by the services online that offer them at discounted premiums.

• Posters Posters can be larger than leaflets or brochures, but they can only be effective when they are placed in a strategic location for maximum marketing potential. Posters placed in areas with a lot of locals can be remembered. For example, posters can be placed near or next to the bulletin board of a residential gateway, transport, terminal or shopping mall entry. They can also be posted on the church and social clubs. The posters can be highly graphic and attract attention with full-color printing.


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