Some Families Repair Projects Shouldn’t Be DIY

DIY household repair projects are on the rise now. More and more people are trying to fix things around the house that should sometimes require a professional. Keep in mind that if you do not have the skills required to complete the task, which can cost you more time and money than you have planned. If something seems too complicated seek help from a contractor.

One of the most popular DIY projects is upgrading your thermostat to digital. People are upgrading to these thermostats to have better control of the heat and the air in your home. Digital thermostats are also said to reduce your electric bill. Once installed, they are easy to use and some are equipped with advanced features, like putting your air conditioning or heating on a timer.

Digital Thermostat Installation

thermostats are Digital, they come in cute little boxes in the shop with a few simple instructions on the back. This seems simple enough, right? Well sometimes this simple project can turn into more than you bargained for. While the package makes this family project repair seems simple enough, there are several things that can go wrong during the installation.

One of the most common problems is that people forget to turn off the power to the furnace or air conditioner. Forgetting one simple step could cause a short circuit if the live wires in contact with each other while you install the thermostat. Another problem that arises is not knowing which wire goes where when you put on the new thermostat. To not have the wires connected in the right way can turn into a big problem. If you are in the market for a new thermostat, it may be best to get in touch with a professional. If you are in Atlanta, for instance, call an Atlanta electrical contractor.


Another DIY household repair project that goes wrong at the time is to switch out the lighting. If you are in the market for new lighting whether it takes place in the home or outdoors where it may be best to seek professional help. Adding lighting is a great way to enhance any area. However, adding lighting is also a good way to hurt you or turn the project into something bigger than it needs to be. There are a lot of electrical wiring work with the replacement or addition of lighting. Take this DIY project should not be attempted unless you have experience of this type of thing.

So, when you are trying to save money consider simpler DIY tasks such as painting, wallpaper, and other cosmetic areas. Let the professional electrical work, plumbing, and other higher end tasks to the professionals. A job done right will protect and increase the value of your home.


Not all DIY is a good idea. Avoid the risk of fire, to see your home electrical system is safe and that you use safe practices. Browse Electrician in Atlanta ? If you need help with electrical service, repairs and upgrades for the Atlanta area, contact McCall Enterprises Electrician Atlanta.


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