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How you Inspect the Roof for Damage

It is a good idea to inspect and repair the roof in the autumn, prior to hard weather hits. Then examine the roof again in spring to assess any damage that may have occurred during the winter. If you find a problem, it would be a good time to make the necessary repairs now.

Inspect the Roof from the inside.

Start an inspection in the attic, with a sharp knife and a piece of chalk to examine the ridge beam, rafters, and sheathing. Look for water stains, dark-colored areas of wet wood, moisture and soft spots that may indicate dry rot. Mark the wet spots with chalk so you can find them easily later. If it is necessary to remove fiberglass insulation batts to examine the coating, make sure that you wear loose clothing, gloves, goggles and respiratory protection.

Then turn off the lights. If you see any holes above you, drive nails or to make a wire through them so they will be visible from the roofs surface. (Wood, roof-tiles, small rays of light, coming in at a angle indicate cracks that may swell shut when the shingles are wet.)

Inspect the Roof from the outside.

When you examine the roof from outdoors, evaluate the condition of the roof structure, surface material, flashing, eaves, and gutters. To check the roof structure, stand back from the house and look for the lines of the tops of the beams. The summit will be completely horizontal and the line rafters, which you can assess by looking at the plan of each roof section, should be in a straight line. If it falls down, it is time to call in a professional contractor-you may have a structural problem.

Next, inspect the roof surface. Before climbing on the roof, make sure to confirm the safety guidelines and practice safety tips. If you are nervous about climbing on the roof, make the inspection from a ladder, with the help of a pair of binoculars. Do not walk on the roof more than is absolutely necessary, you can easily cause more damage.

Inspect the flashings for rust spots and broken seals along the edges. If you have metal gutters and downspouts, search for rust spots and holes. Then examine the roof surface for signs of wear, loose or broken nails, or curled, broken, or missing tiles. Use a utility knife and a screwdriver to test the boards along the eaves and rakes. Scrape the damage caused by dry rot, treat with a wood preservative, and fill the holes with wood putty. If the damage is extensive, replace the boards and finish them to match existing areas. the

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