PVC Orange Spray Hose Spiralite 302 ? Your Home Improvement Equipment

The hoses are of great importance in our day-to-day. Hose pipes are made of different sizes and shapes and with different materials for various purposes of use. Earlier times, pipes were made of rubber, which was difficult to bear was not very durable. Today with the development of technology and research, materials relating to the looked into the exact. It is important to invest your money with the right equipment. Good equipment makes it difficult to stay above the surface, while smaller equipment, not having enough foundation to cover a large area. One of the most popular materials is the Poly vinyl Chloride. It is long and flexible. PVC Orange Spray Hose Spiralite 302 is very useful when it comes to spraying with pesticides, water, air, fertilizers, light chemical collations, and pest control. It can also be used as discharge line for pneumatic tools.
PVC Orange Spray Hose Spiralite 302 is designed to endure from medium to high pressure. It comes in 300 feet length and can withstand temperature in the range from -11°F to +131°C. it has an orange, corrugated finish spray. It is resistant to water and harmful chemicals. One of its notable feature is that it has high adhesiveness between the cover and the braid. It is specially formulated to withstand the more harsh environment of the field work. It can work up to a maximum pressure of 560 psi and its designed burst pressure is up to 1770 psi. 4, the spiral design has an inner diameter of 33 by 64-inch, and the external diameter 13 of the 16 inch. It weighs only 53 lb per section of 300 metres.
PVC Orange Spray Hose Spiralite 302 is inexpensive and is easily available in the market. The spray hose is highly insulated and covered with an abrasion protection sleeve. This helps both the waterproofing material to maintain its temperature when the hose is left intact. The basis for the hose is not only water repellent but also damp proof. This is an important feature because the solvent based materials and heating requirements, the hose must withstand the temperature in order to function properly.

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