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Poynor Roofing has been in Arizona roof repair for a while now. The Phoenix Area has been pumbled by a huge storm that swept through the state of Arizona, a few months ago. There are many homes that have been damaged to be giant hail storm that hit the area in October last year. There is still a lot of work going on even months after the storm hit to first.
There are a number of areas affected by the storm in the Phoenix area. The surrounding cities also were hit by wind and hail, which led to many houses with leaks and roof damage. There are many styles of roofs in the Phoenix area that was damaged. One of the areas affected by the hail storm was on the way north Scottsdale.
Scottsdale is known for having a large amount of foam roof. Foam roof is something that may have been damaged by the recent hail storm. Another type of coverage predominates in the Phoenix area is the tiled roofs. The plate is very durable and not so often damaged by smaller hail. There was a little hail in the Phoenix area, which was large enough to damage some of the roof tiles.
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Poynor Roofing specializes in replacement of shingled roofs. Flat roofs are those that are most prone to damage caused by the hail. All roofs can be damaged by Hail if it is big enough. Another type of coverage that can and have been damaged by the recent hail storm in Arizona was the Wooden Shingles. Cedar Shake shingles can crack and split with enough force.
Poynor Roofing can replace or repair virtually all types of roofs, but one of the most important steps that Poynor Roofing makes is that it strips the old roof back down to the clear decking. Some people think that there are problems with the application of the new brand of shingles on top of old. This is not the best practice, and that the best and most long-lasting roof in order to start up the old roof is recommended.

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