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Wood Shingle, Shake or metal roof?

Wood Shingles have a smooth, finished appearance; wood shakes have a rough-hewn appearance. They are both made of western red cedar. Shingles are sawn into lengths of 16, 18 or 24 inches. Shakes which are thicker than the tiles are split by machine or by hand into 18 or 24 inches in length. Both come in random widths.

Shingles and Shakes in overlapping courses, or rows. The tiles have a countinuous padding of felt or none at all, shakes alternate with strips of felt. Both shingles and shakes can be placed directly in the casing or by a previous roofing surface, such as asphalt shingles. They are attached with the roof with galvanized nails.

Wood shingles and shakes usually last between 15 and 25 years, depending on roof slope and climate. If you suspect wear, inspect the roof for curled, brocken, or split shingles, and for shingles that have been lifted by the wind.Look also for shigles thinned by weathering and erosion, especially in areas where an attic inspection reveals out of the light. Wood shakes show their age when the wood crumbles easily under foot or between the toes.

You may want to consider metal roofing alternatives instead of over the roof made of metal to last a lifetime and are gauranteed to do so. Metal roofing or Metal roofing shakes are becoming very popular because of long life and good looks.

Extension of the defects you find will indicate wheteher you need to repair or replace shingles or shakes. If only a few shingles or shakes are split or wind up, you can repair them; those that are severely splintered or curled or that have begun to crumble should be replaced. If the damage is large, consider changing the entire roof.

To remove the nails of the damaged shingle or shake, not to change, rent a tile ripper or use a hacksaw. To use the ripper, slide it under the shingle and around a nail; then cut the shank of the nail with a hammer blow.

Since shingles and shakes are random widths, you’ll need to trim the new ones to fit the space, using a roofer’s hatchet, or saw. Leave a 1/4 inch free space on each side of each piece of the compensation to allow for expansion of the wood.the angles of the sides should match the slope of your roof. the

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