How to Choose a Roof Contractor

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing how then to choose a roofing contractor will probably be an important part of your project. Not just your roof keeps you warm and dry, an attractive new roof can also raise value of your home. The choice of a roofing company is not always easy, so here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Companies often say that referrals are the best source of customers, but even if it is true that it can also be the best source of contractors. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbours who had their roof done recently and if they were satisfied with them is a great source of customers for a roof contractor. Ask them questions like what was the price? Made using qualified craftsmen? Was there any quality control and guarantees? About your problem, and if yes, where those without the problem be solved? What was their customer service? This type of questions will give you a good feedback on what you can expect from a roofing contractor and what to look for to suit your needs.

the following are important to ensure that the roof contractor has the necessary licenses, uses qualified tradesmen and are fully insured. This is very important if there are any problems, such as damage or accidents. Call or visit the website of local manufacturers or industry associations such as Master Builders is another good place to find a reputable company, as there are associations usually look to members who meet certain quality standards and has the relevant permissions.

you should now have begun to gather a list of contractors that you will call for your work. It is usually a good idea to have three or four quotes. Usually you will find that there will be a high-ball quotes, a low-ball quote, and a couple in the middle. Even if the price can be a determining factors remember that the cost can often be a reflection of the quality. In the roofing industry, many times, low-cost operators to replace qualified sales staff with inexperienced workers and cut costs and corners on the job. It is important to look at what you actually get the quote from the company and guarantees are an important aspect of this.

make sure you look through the fine print and truly understand the warranties given to you by your suppliers. Many guarantees may sound similar, you will be amazed at what they do and don’t cover when you read the fine print! A good warranty should offer to fix any leaks or problems, with some obvious inclusions, such as natural disasters of large proportions. Even more after you have had someone inspect the roof, usually will show you some of his latest works. This is important because many times you can go and see the work for yourself. In some occasions, the companies will still have a rotating list of references that you can call.

Other things you need to know is:

how long they’ve been in the industry
– they require a first deposit,
– the company require money up front (red flag)
– they are qualified to remove asbestos in a safe manner (if applicable)
– they are responsible for any damage to your property
– are your possible financing options
– what the warranty covers the
– are they insured
– make your team work lock

it can also be a good idea to check with local authorities, such as the BSA (Building Services Authority) to see if your any complaints and how they have been resolved. While the complaints may be from time to time as they are resolved is a better measure of what it will be doing business with the company.

Although it may seem like a lot of work to go to all of these problems is much easier than it seems, and remember that the roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Your roof keeps you warm, dry and safe and improves the look and value of your home.


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