Home Improvement Projects Made Easy (Part 2)

in this post we are going to continue our look for to make your home improvements a breeze.

19. Refrain from the execution of a clock. This creates an atmosphere of distrust and may not be effective or a money to save.
20. Save money by doing minimal tasks on their own, such as cleaning and painting.
21. Review sample materials, especially the paint chips and color swatches before ordering.
22. Choose your colors and finishes before the painter will keep the agenda moving.
23. Have a “go-to-guy.” Choose someone to be the main connector between the
the contractor and the family. This will help to keep the communication clean & clear and avoid confusion.
24. Be specific about the location where you want electrical outlets located and how many you want. By doing this, the electrical estimate should be more accurate.
25. Demolition should begin only after the new equipment and materials that have come forward. In particular, windows, doors, major appliances or other significant items.
26. To prevent the loss, remove any valuables or easily damaged items from the workplace.
27. Children and pets in the work area should be avoided. Alternative solutions should be made during working hours, if you are not present.
28. If possible, plan a vacation, or time away during the most disruptive part of the project, such as floor refinishing. This will allow you to come back refreshed and ready for the rest of the task.
29. If a change is made, be sure to have the new agreement in writing prior to the start of the work.
30. In order to prevent dust from the site in other areas, sealing the entrance with plastic sheeting and blue masking tape.
31. Be courteous of your neighbors and inform the work crew where your property lines are to prevent materials from being placed in the wrong location.
32. Keep your eye on the prize. Even if the project will be disturbing, and the end result will be worth it.
33. Schedule a final walk through inspection with your contractor. Note down all the tasks that need to be completed.
34. To request a Presentation of the Final Version, when the work is completed and the final payment. This clears you of any responsibility for claims by third parties.

With careful planning and a good contractor, you will be well on your way to a new amazing place!

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Mike Blank, CGR CAPS is the owner of MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC, based in Lancaster County, PA. With over 30 years experience of Rebuilding, Mike is the former Chairman of the Lancaster BIA Remodelers Council and a multiple BIA Design Winner. You can follow his blog here.


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