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Kitchen countertops get a lot of use and abuse over the years. They usually end with the weight on some of the knife marks, stains, soil, and maybe some chips. Although the last few years, they have a time when they need to be replaced and updated. Then, when it is time to replace or upgrade your kitchen countertop, which is the best choice?

What is the latest countertop options on the market?

In fact, the options are great and the price is good. There are cheap options and it is extremely expensive, options also. It all depends on your taste and your budget and of course, as well as the countertop it will fit in your kitchen.

One of the most popular choices is the ceramic tile countertop.

The ceramic tiles are manufactured by exposing them to intense heat inside in the oven, and they come in a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. They can serve as the statement piece of your kitchen as they actually allow you to be creative with their projects. You are guaranteed with a countertop that will last a lifetime if you select ceramic as it is virtually zero, water and fire-proof. A word of caution, but you must be very careful when placing your glasses or plates on a ceramic countertop as it is very difficult. You can end up with a lot of chipped plates and broken glass. The mortar may be the only real drawback as food substances and cleaners may not react with the syrup.

The most practical choice:

If your budget is in danger and the plastic laminate countertop is a good choice. It is available in several options with different colors and textures to choose from. You can also purchase them in preformed models which makes installing very simple. The negative aspect in the use of this type of countertop is that they easily get stained and they are simply not as durable as their more expensive counterparts.

What other options are available?

Well, it is the countertops in stainless steel that is very durable and resistant to heat, but they can be damaged by shocks or scratches. Another very popular choice is the butcher block countertop made of strips of wood in oak or maple. This countertop is less likely to break down their kitchen utensils and it looks very beautiful in your kitchen, but they are more likely to have burns, stains, or roughness, as already mentioned. If you like cooking, stone tops may be the most compatible for you, but they come with a high price and installation cost. Another option is solid surface countertop made of acrylic and polyurethane. They are impervious to water stains or fungus, and any marks or knife cuts can be immediately corrected by grinding. This makes them very long-lasting countertop, but they are very expensive. Granite countertop is probably the best among all the options available. Have the durability, beauty, long life, and is resistant to stains, water, mold, scratches, burns and chipping. Even if it is perhaps the most expensive choice among many, you can take comfort in the fact that, at the very least, your countertop will definitely last as long as your kitchen.

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