Home improvement – choosing the right Floor

have You finally come to the conclusion that the soil where you have gone in the last ten or fifteen years, has served its purpose and it is time to start something new. The options are almost endless, so where should you start? To quote the famous architect Louis Sullivan, “form follows function”, which is a fancy way to say, how it looks depends on what it is supposed to do.

the First Room, Then the Floor
Let’s start with the rooms you are planning your new floor. Some rooms are easier than others. Flooring for your entry way, living room, bedroom and hall, it can be any thing that works with your d├ęcor and design. The carpet is more often favored in a room, especially in the area of the rooms and colder climates. If you are looking for a bathroom, something waterproof and easy to clean is your best bet, especially if you have very small children. The kitchen is in the same category as the bathroom, but because they are usually in the middle of the activity and the center of many designs, their flooring choice is much more critical. How can we look at the different options, you will begin to have some ideas about what surface would best suit your needs.

The carpet has lost some of its popularity to the hard stone floor for the last ten or fifteen years, but is still a strong candidate. From cut pile to berber to frieze, and even shopping, the options are plentiful, even before you get to the color. The carpet softens the look of a room and keeps bare feet insulated from the cold of winter, in the morning. Playroom and children’s bedroom take advantage of the carpet excellent padding and sound deadening properties.

Hardwood flooring has a look that is never dated, but they can have a serious impact on your budget. As well as all of the hard surfaces of the floor, requires daily maintenance. Hardwood floors in the bathroom is definitely not recommended. If you like the look of wood but not the price, consider laminate. The technology behind this flooring has improved greatly over the last decade. There are some brands that are indistinguishable from real wood, unless they are examined closely. Another advantage of laminate flooring is that they are fairly easy to install. Handy owners can save money on installation by doing it themselves. There are some brands that have a good resistance against water, but they are the exception and not the rule.

Ceramic tile and stone
For the best combination of wear and beauty, tile and stone are hard to beat. The block comes in all the colors of the rainbow and some mimics natural stone very well. The grout can be a pain to keep clean, so dark colors and regular sealing are strongly recommended. Natural stone has a beauty that is unsurpassed by any other surface. Due to the fact that the majority of the stone is very porous, sealing is very important. Some stone is very soft (like marble), so to get a professional opinion when choosing flooring. Stone tiles and can be installed DIY, but large areas, large sizes and vertical applications are best left to the professionals.

Vinyl flooring is generally the most cost-effective flooring available for the owner. Although it is cheaper, there are some brands and styles that look so much like wood, stone and tile that you have to touch to see the difference. Vinyl is a great choice for kitchen, bathroom and in high traffic areas, due to easy cleaning and water resistance. Such as tile, vinyl installation can be a do-it-yourself project, but large areas and the stitching, are best done by professionals.

to Begin with the room, add to the use and style of life and then work towards your design goals dictated by your budget. With all of the options available to you, it is certain to be a flooring choice that scores high in almost all categories. Do your research and get recommendations from friends and professionals. After that, happy shopping.


Debbie Bresee is a real estate agent and broker in the Brentwood and Nashville, Tennessee areas. If you would like to browse through MLS listings of Brentwood, or Nashville Home, visit their web sites.


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