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Alternate Home Electricity Systems of today are small scale and able to supply an entire home with electricity requirements producing zero environmental gasses are silent running and safe to use. The cost of an alternate “Home Electricity” Systems is easy to be paid out during the first year of operation. Most of your electricity needs produced today comes from Hydroelectric (dams), carbon based Fuels, Nuclear power; all of these are very harmful for the atmosphere adding to the green house and global warming effect.

Over the past 100 years our civilization has made gigantic advances; learning to fly, landing a man on the moon and living in space, the electronic tube and the printing that has been developed and merged into computers and immediate mass media access, eliminating the Black Plague, Polio and extending the average lifespan by 20 years. Our current day demands for Electricity makes our life comfortable and advances our civilization; we are 100% dependent on Electricity. If your Electricity was turned off today how long could you live in?

Electricity is one of the largest Industries in the World and the methods we use to generate electricity, has not changed in the last century, Why? Could it be that the CEO and Scientists in the Electricity World have sniffed too much glue and have gone brain dead? It certainly seems so compared with other parts of the progress of science. The truth is – Electric Industry is smelling money and do not want you to know that there are any Alternate Home Electricity Systems. In comparison with all other Industries, Electricity has been left in the Ice Age, at the same time as it is completely dependent on fossil fuels.

it was only in the last 20 years that alternative ways of producing Alternate Home Electricity has been really looked out for the development of Wind, Solar and Magnetic Electric Generators; this is only because the general population started to become concerned and aware of the environmental problems that we face today. There are some people who never accepted the suggestion that Home Electricity must be delivered in bulk by a supplier. They have diligently worked outside in the yard of the house a solution to stand alone Home Electricity Systems. This small group of unconventional inventors have successfully designed and built small home electric generator systems can complete your home.

These Alternate Home Electricity systems are small and medium-sized, quiet, safe to use and produces zero environment gasses that are harmful to our environment. Yes – you have to put in a little effort and follow a simple step-by-step building manual, some even offer a complete pre-built system, or you can hire a handy man for a day. This small effort on your part has long term benefits for you, no more electric bills to pay, and you take a big step forward in reducing your carbon footprint to reduce the impact of global warming.

You can find these Alternate Home Electricity systems on the internet and they are relatively inexpensive, easy to build and install. Save your electricity bill will pay back in a year or less the cost of the installation. For more information about the home electricity systems and compare the advantages and disadvantages of both, follow the link in this Article to the Alternative Home Electricity Review Site where you can compare the 3 types of systems that best suit you for installation and the area that you live.

The faster we all take some steps to become less dependent on Fossil Fuels in Electricity-the faster this planet will start to heal itself from the destruction done in the past and make a better place for many upcoming generations.


If we continue to use Fossil Fuels until this resource is exhausted, will our Plane to be repaired. Large Companies and Governments have very too much to lose, through the development of alternative home electrical system, it is up to us, the ignored majority, to take action and reduce our dependence on Fossil Fuels. HOME ELECTRICITY


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