Home DIY Series: Protect Your Place in the Spring

do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. In the long term is becoming more and more popular over the last few years, when people tend to do more thing DIY, it is not only because of the cash economy, but also the pleasure for them to discover and self-making things.

in this section, we would like to present to you how you protect your property, reduce energy bills and the repair of the cost, and brightens up your environment for spring.

at the right Time to cut shrubs and trees

Remember to trim the shrubs that bloom in the spring, just after they bloom

Cost: Free

the Pruning of shrubs and trees often bloom in the summer, so that you can keep your garden in bloom to the right, to do it in the spring. Melinda Myers – expert gardener, and gardening author shared her experience: “Complete your pruning before the trees leaf. Pruning during leaf expansion increases the risk of stem and branch damage. Remove all storm damaged branches as they occur.”

Repair paint peeling

If you do not make regular small touch, one day, will cost from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 to complete the work to paint a house.

Cost: $ 35 for a can of paint, $ 20 for primer

After a long, extreme winter, the many chance to the outside of the wall will suffer as a peeling, cracking, or peeling paint. It is advisable to purchase a good quality paint, a primer and give two coats to the damaged points.

Loose fibre

Built-up lint and debris can decrease your dryer’s efficiency and even cause a fire

Cost: Free

When you put your clothes in the dryer, remember to remove the built up lint tab on the outdoor vent at least once per year, lack of cleaning of the dryer vent can cause damage to the machine and can be placed your home at risk for fire.

Cleaning of gutters and spouts

If your gutters and spouts are clogged with leaves, twigs, mud, water can leak into the eaves and cause a lot of damage.

Cost: $ 100 – $ 250

Carefully check your the gutter and down-spouts at least once per year with a hose for watering. If water does not drain freely while you are working, in order to remove obstacles in the downspout with the hose. Also make sure that gutters are fastened properly to the house.

Clean fireplace

the Annual have your chimney swept and inspected will help to avoid fires and chimney cracked.

Cost: $ 100 – $ 300 for an inspection of ad cleaning

After a long and cold winter, your chimney will need a special care, professional chimney inspectors. Because many people do this in the fall to prepare for the coming winter, the price in the fall will be high and it will take a long time for an inspector’s appointment. Our advice is not to wait until the fall to take care of your chimney. A time in the middle of the summer will help you to save time and still cost less.

take care of your air conditioning

If the filters of your air conditioners are clogged, it will use a lot more energy and the cost of the project of the law pushed up the

Cost: $ 10 – $ 25 for a pair of filters

Remember to check and change your air filters before you use the ac for cooling in summer and heating in winter. If they are still useful, but it gets dusty, take them out and wash in the sink.

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are you Ready To Upgrade Your Home? Read This First!

Increase the value of your home can be done easily by doing home. It is the council that will increase the value of your home. Keep reading for some original ideas that will help you to make some changes in your home and increase its value.

You can use drywall mud to add texture and visual interest to your walls. This will also cover any cuts or spots. It is easy to structure walls. Apply the mud on the wall and use a sponge, brush or bag to dab the mud to add texture.

Paint the gaps where paneling will meet. You may have some old parts of the wall stand if you place the panels. To avoid this, you can measure the places the sheets of paneling will connect. The use of color matching the panels.

Never waste your money on materials that do not meet quality standards or pose a risk to yourself and your family. For example, new flooring prices can vary greatly. Discount supply stores and bargain hunting places are great ways to save money.

it Without spending a lot of money, you can make freshen the look of kitchen appliances. While stainless steel is popular, there is no reason to toss your fridge because you don’t care for the color. Not is spray paint available for your appliances in a lot of different colors. You can change your kitchen in some hours!

Before you start any improvement project, find the locations of the gas shut-off. You must also use extreme caution during the project itself. Not to cause a gas explosion or otherwise injure yourself due to carelessness.

An easy way to protect walls and floors from marks, and to protect your children while you are at it, is to pad furniture with sharp edges. Corner protectors are available for this purpose at any home improvement center, or you can buy foam tape to cushion corners. Ensure that you remove a potential tripping and strangling danger for your children by taping down all loose wires.

Glaze your bathrooms with something new to freshen their appearance. A new layer of glaze will help your bathroom look new. In addition, it is much cheaper choice than replacing all of thef older fixtures and flooring; a bathroom can be glazed for just a couple hundred dollars. Re-glass tile and ceramic in your bathroom is an easy, inexpensive way to increase the value of your home.

If you live in a place that has fires, you must select a fence that is right for this area. Cedar wood is beloved for the fragrance and durability and its safer in area that are vulnerable to fire.

Once you have installed the new part, make sure the grout is sealed. Remember that mortar is a porous material. If it is not properly sealed, moisture can destroy the grout and cause mildew or mold to appear. Also, when grout is unsealed, it stains easily. Sealing it will keep it clean and safe.

this article has shown, you can do many projects for the improvement of the house, with the right knowledge. Selling your home will be easy when it looks good.

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