Granite In Home Improvement Or Air Pollution Caused Cancer Killer For Home Improvement, Pollution

In the decade of the 90’s of the last century, Home improvement the epidemic has also led to problems with air pollution indoor air pollution and even became a major national concern, and the introduction of indoor air quality standards for testing. Indoor air pollution is mainly formaldehyde pollution, studies have shown that formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic and tumor promotion, effects on human health mainly in abnormal smell, irritation, allergy, abnormalities of lung function, liver function and immune dysfunction, etc . The major pollutant is formaldehyde

Of the state standards in 2002 since the introduction of the air, provincial, decor, Decoration Senior Project quality supervision, Inspection and stop of the Gongde Wei has been involved in indoor air testing. Gongde Wei said the author, including homes and offices, quality control, test stations, each year approximately 200-300 accommodation units, including air pollution more than 60% -70%, the main pollutant is formaldehyde.

Gongde Wei said that the pollution of the air above the house, decorated with the guerrillas, please, please decoration company also renovated. In general, the extensive use of artificial, interior decoration board, a high likelihood of excessive pollution. Finished Furniture Formaldehyde pollution is also common, while the solid wood Furniture And regulates the production of wood flooring manufacturers less pollution.

“The prevention of pollution from the source of formaldehyde in the beginning, the formation of pollution on the poor, as a radical.” Gongde Wei said that the release of formaldehyde period of 3-15 years, management is a long process, so consumers should buy materials, decoration will begin when the prevention of pollution.

Artificial plate and paint to choose the Protection of the environment
The industry peak Engineering Manager Liukai Yang told the author that, in the decoration materials, because the plastic material contains substances which inevitably contain formaldehyde, especially the man-made sheet. In addition, the painting is one of the sources of indoor pollution, the main pollutants such as benzene and xylene, and use water-based paint can effectively prevent this type of pollution.

General manager Li Jiqiang Xi’an the people of the town introduced in the prevention of pollution of the decoration, from the choice of materials, design and construction aspects to make. Of wood products, it is best to buy from the store, because there is no environmental certification of products is difficult to enter the supermarket. In the project should be minimal use of wood products, you can use a small amount of stone, Glass Or gypsum board instead of wood, designed to eliminate formaldehyde from pollution. How to glue, wallpaper paste is a source of formaldehyde pollution, to the use of the ink. In addition, workers should be required at any time during construction, clean the construction waste, to a certain extent, to avoid contamination decoration.

Good grip ability of formaldehyde, which is used in the adhesive, the extensive use of glue to put it can cause an excess of formaldehyde. Sea state record 100 million planning manager Luosheng Li told the author, even if the role of the green wall, there are ventilation problems, wallpaper paste, it will affect the walls of the other harmful substances important to the formaldehyde, in the short term, it might not be a good version, Now, wallpaper paste is more expensive, some cheap decoration company or the owners plan to buy up bad glue, formaldehyde can cause pollution, so using less paper wall is justified. the

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