Government Grants For Home Improvement – True Or False?

Money for nothing? Well, it is true. It is not the government’s money available for home improvement projects. Probably not for you, however.

“we Should apply for a state grant to pay for our home remodel”

you have already asked this question yourself? It seems beguiling, especially in slow economic times. It is a question that I get sometimes and I want to do my best to answer it. This is my interpretation based on my experience in the construction and remodeling … I think it will help you.

Not for the Average home owner

Most of the government programs are very restrictive. You must fall into certain categories, and then be willing to wait forever and jump through a lot of hoops to get something to happen.

the idea behind most programs is to give opportunities to those who otherwise would not have. Often, the exam revolves around minorities, low income, and special circumstances. Usually you will know if you are in this group. Absolutely, most of the people I have worked with do not meet the requirements and should not waste time trying.

energy Grants

The only exception that seems to occur with frequency relates to energy conservation and efficiency. Subsidies and tax incentives (mainly tax exemptions) can save people real dollars. Make your home more efficient by upgrading heating systems, insulation, windows, and other changes, many times, to qualify.

in these cases, it is not only get the benefit of “free or nearly free improvement”, but the annual savings reduction of energy costs.

Want to Know More?

If your goal is to pursue the idea of home improvement grants, you can try to make some phone calls. Local/regional Fair Housing resource centers would be a good place to start. Also, try the Home Repair loan and Grant Program, or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sure, just Search on “home improvement grants” or any other of these departments would help a lot.

Focus on Your Biggest Need

For most of us, forget it. With the exception of the energy savings and tax rebates, it is a waste of time, effort and emotions. Instead of trying for the grant that can be very restrictive at best, and many times you nowhere, focus on what it is you really want to perform.

So, what’s your home improvement goal? Determine, then go for it!


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