Chicago Roofing Contractors Going Green

long before when man understood the importance of roofing, they had a simple thatch from vegetation. Straw, seaweed, clay, earth etc were the materials mainly used for the construction of the roof. Now, the most popular are the shingles and tiles, where the cover material is more durable, fireproof, weather-friendly, etc., With the help of expertise from roofing contractors in Chicago, you can adorn a beautiful roof, above the building.

Centuries earlier, in many Asian countries bamboo, coconut tree, leaves and bark of certain trees has been used. Bamboo is used for building the structure and the outer layer. The bamboo stems are split and turned alternatively and placed on top. The thickness of the bark of certain trees to be removed and placed on the roof in some places. Even now, people living in developing and developed countries, many times, build a roof over their heads, with simple organic or bio-based materials.

The new roofing materials, though synthetic materials can be a good thing for consumers, in the angle of protection and durability, but can cause risks for the environment. Governments, as well as the business professionals are coming out with the green initiation. The world is now fully aware of the seriousness of increased pollution and global warming and thus the demand for organic roofing is also on the rise.

the building and building authorities in Chicago, I want to have a green way to keep your business. On 6 June 2001, a new energy code – Amendment of Title 18 f Municipal Code of Chicago Concerning Energy efficiency Requirements, was adopted.

Some of the features included in the new code are:

New requirements for roof -, ceiling -, wall-insulation.

the construction plan, must be certified by a registered energy professional.

the Insulation requirements must be approved by the forest begins (Chicago Roofing Contractors Association) and NRCA.

An innovative biological product called the Clean and Green roofing Solution has been developed by Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway firm and Green products LLC. Clean and Green roofing Solution is a white sealant derived from soya.

the Chicago-based U. S Equities Realty, a facility management business wanted a replacement for the used in traditional black asphalt-covered roof. After much research, they decided on the Clean and Green roofing solution, an organic on the roof. This new cover material is surprisingly non – toxic, flame resistant, water – fi and has high reflectivity. The special is that it can reduce the internal and external temperature in the building.

The cooler the temperature is, the less will be the demand on the equipment for air conditioning. This reduces energy consumption, and not for the economy of resources.

Johns manville’s JMCleanBond roofing system is also combined with Environmental Liquid membrane System (ELMS) of Green Products LLC to a single roofing system with the benefits of both materials. John manville’s JMCleanBond SBS fire resistant roofing membrane does not need any form of heat or solvent based adhesives for installation, making it a not for the power consumption of the substance.

Environmental Liquid membrane System (ELMS) is a USDA certified biological soy polymer membrane. It is completely waterproof, and therefore could be used in parts of buildings where there may be traces of water.

The first roofing contractors association, who was in Chicago dates back to the 1870s. The great chicago fire in 1871 caused disastrous effects for people and their homes. After the fire, there was great demand for reconstruction of the roof on the house and other companies, and they were not many genuine experts who could build roofs within a short time.

M. W Powell initiated other experts to join and help re-build the roof. M. W Powell and other experts pool all the resources like man power, equipment and materials, and met the high demand on the roof for the people of Chicago. After this incident, the need and importance of a strong and professional roofers was understood. This constituted the building blocks of today’s Roofing contractors association throughout the united states.

Some of the features of the Chicago Roofing Contractors association, is:

the Introduction of a standard in quality.
Develop new and strong systems of toppings.
The elimination of the contractor who will lower the standard.
Training and Education of Roofing employees.

Article by Mark Carey of a website with the best roof contractor Chicago and Chicago roof information on the web.


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