5 Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid

as well as a home improvement project can be very beneficial, it can also cause as much disaster when not done right. Year after year, the number of New York homeowners jump into the renovation and improvement of the mobility becomes larger and larger. One percent of the population fails miserably in one way or another. To avoid being a part of this issue, here are the 5 most common home improvement mistakes to avoid ideal whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island.

Not Checking with the Community

Prior to also creating your renovation plan, it is a must to check your building codes local zoning. Not doing so can lead to ugly legal fights, and not knowing is never an excuse with the law. Contact with the town hall and get information about the requirements to acquire permits for your project. Some homeowner associations also may have their set of imposed design specifications. And certain home improvements are restricted if your home is located in a historic district.

do not Plan Properly…

With the lot of warning homeowners are getting, those that are home improvement projects have already taken action. Many now prepare a plan before actually tackling all of the projects. But the question is, have you drafted your plan well enough to ensure the success of the project? A well-detailed plan is one of the keys to a beautiful and functional results. And any area overlooked in the plan, which would create the greatest of disturbance in the development of the project or worse-failure and a waste of time, effort and money.

Not Accepting Your Limitations

When weighing the skills that you have, pushing your limits can not only lead to backbreaking tasks that lead to wasted time and effort. What do you think saved you some dollars by doing yourself might end up with more bank-breaking bills. Yes picking up a paint brush can be a breeze but with projects that require larger tools and more intricate knowledge, better hand the home improvements to qualified contractors. With his experience of project management and time available, carefully consider whether you will need a part time supervisor or a general contractor. To make your home and your pocket book a favor, and do not risk.

Hiring the Wrong Contractors

skill is what makes up high quality results as support for tests of the time, what you need is among the most important decisions that you have in the life of your project. Hire a skilled contractor, take into account the proper and valid license, BBB membership, unresolved complaints, which applies to liability insurance, professional experience and references. To hire a home improvement contractor to give the best value for your money, get multiple bids before the big decision.

Make Your page

Being a homeowner means that you still take a larger responsibility and take a note of this is the case, even if you have hired a general contractor. Many times, you still have to check on your hired home improvement contractors and subcontractors and the work they do. Keep records of important project documents and have easy access to them for quick reference in case of confusions and problems that arise. Leave the lines of communication open to resolve problems in its earliest stage enabling immediate resolution that is within budget. And give a good comfortable working environment for your employees.


Eugene Makeev uses his skills and expertise to help home owners in Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island avoid remodeling New York pitfalls by matching their needs with pre-screened bathroom renovation New York city entrepreneurs.


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