2 solar water heater DIY Projects

There are two types of solar water heaters. Passive and forced circulation. In this article I will show you how to build one of each. Two simple, but effective solar panels DIY-projects.

first, I must say that none of these heaters will heat your home. You can use similar methods to preheat your water before it flows to your hot water heater. If you live in a cold climate you should look into a closed loop system. Both of these heaters are for the experiment. You can use them for camping or for small heating needs water around the home.

* The first one is very simple. Just a black tank exposed to the sun will heat the water. If you have seen one of those camping shower bags you know what I’m talking about. I have seen some people heating water in the big blue food grade 55 gallon drums. Just spray paint it flat black. Install a PVC valve. Set it in a good sunny spot. Fill it with water. Sit back and watch mother nature work her magic.

* The second takes a little more work. You will need a length of 1/2″ or 3/4″ Black hose. I recommend the 100 metres in length. The more, the better.

to Do this in a large, flat area of the terrain. The roll-out of the entire hose in a straight line. Start with the side of the entrance begin to curl the hose into a flat roll. In order to facilitate the transport of tape or zip tie it together as you go. When you have rolled the entire hose flat your outlet should be on the outside. Their entry into the interior.

take your flat-flat hose and place it in full sunlight. Connect the input to your water tap or elevated tank. Break the valve so that the water flows slowly. The water that comes out of your coil should be much warmer than the water.

You can pair one of these heaters together to get even better results. Raise your black tank in an area in full sun. Connect your coil to the tank. Make sure that the coil is under the tank, but still in full sunlight. Now you have your first system for solar water heating systems. Perfect for camping or small need for heating of the water.

You can build a much more sophisticated system, which will provide your home with hot water. This is just a starting point. An experience to get to show some of what the solar water heater diy projects that you can do.

good luck. Have fun trying.


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