10 Luxury Home Remodeling Trends

If you want the ultimate in luxury, your home remodeling project can lead to a truly unique experience of your experience of life. Below are some of the latest trends in high-end remodeling.

1. Home automation. A controller can permit you dim the lights, turn on the TV or adjust the sound. You can program the shades to open at the same time every day or arm the security system and lock all of the doors in the house by pressing a button on your bedside table.

2. Golf simulator. Imagine a room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a screen that creates a virtual golf course. You hit your virtual balls with a real club. The simulator can also be used to play Blu-ray discs and a variety of video games.

3. His and Her Spaces. Double sinks have long been popular in master bathrooms. Now, his-and-her bathrooms, closets, studies, and hobby rooms are becoming more popular.

4. Sliding walls. When space is tight in the high-end apartments, homeowners are installing sliding walls sometimes with bookcases attached to configure the space according to your needs.

5. Sliding Glass Doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors allow the owner to make the outdoors an extension of the home’s interior.

6. LED lighting. Some high-end lighting companies are developing chandeliers, sconces, and other residential lights with new energy-efficient LED technology.

7. Exotic Countertops. Beautiful and durable teak countertops are popular and have a unique grain with a combination of dark and bright colors. Another luxury option is Pyrolave, an enameled lava that can run several hundred dollars per square meter.

8. Tv anywhere. You can now place the Plan in all places, even in the bathroom. A company that even makes a whirlpool with its own built-in big screen TV.

9. Modern Windows. The new technology has created self-cleaning windows. They use UV rays to loosen dirt, which makes them easy to wash clean. There is no need of cleaning chemicals.

10. Private wine Cellars and Bars. All of the rooms are dedicated to the wine cellar so you can entertain your guests where you can store your wine. Some cellars are decorated like caves or exotic locales. Bars can have built-in aquariums, beautiful countertops, and small appliances.

Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president for marketing and public relations at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Find a home remodeling company near you or read our home remodeling tips blog.


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